Corporate Transactions and M&A: M&A, issues of securities, advice on the acquisition of rural land and advice related to structuring projects, especially those in the sector of infrastructure.

Advisory: Corporate structuring and tax planning for strategic operations, licensing and registration compliance, legal advice for foreign investors, analysis of commercial contracts and advice on administrative processes for environmental permits.

Litigation: Administrative (CVM/Bacen) e judicial lawsuits, arbitration, strategic negotiations, judicial reorganization and recovery of agribusiness credits.



  • Assisting in 04 (four) M&As of relevant companies in their own markets in the last 12 months.
  • Structuring of investments on Brazilian companies (private equity), including the tax analysis.
  • Creation of national companies using foreign capital.
  • Corporate advise and management of one of the main companies of the real state sector, with active presence on meetings of  Board of Directors, Fiscal Council and Assemblies.
  • Advice to public companies.
  • Advice in corporate governance and compliance.
  • Preparation of corporate documents with specific porpoises for economic sectors such as real state, infrastructure, technology and defense.
  • Corporate planning for large operations.


  • Representation in judicial or administrative lawsuits related to corporate demands.
  • Representation in arbitration.
  • Assisting creditors during judicial reorganization of Agribusiness agents (CBAA, São Fernando, Tonon etc.).
  • Recovery of approximately R$ 100 million by judicial lawsuits involving Agribusiness agents on the year of 2015.


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