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What is SABZTech?

More than a project or a new area of expertise of SABZ Advogados, SABZTech is an initiative to help develop the startup ecosystem in Brazil. Our goal is to produce and share legal knowledge that is relevant and useful to anyone with a keen interest for innovative businesses, especially in the hi-tech industry. With that, we hope to contribute to the creation of new business models, using stable and legitimate corporate vehicles, which are able to add value to everyone involved, including investors.


Making more with less

More than a team of lawyers or service providers, SABZTech is a partner willing to invest its expertise on different fields of law to offer tailored and accessible legal solutions to startups. Our basic package includes: (i) all legal documents required to start a business; (ii) advice on the best corporate structure, in view of the startup’s tax and regulatory obligations; (iii) patent and copyright applications, and contractual instruments to ensure protection of trademarks and trade secrets; and (iv) counseling on litigation avoidance.


Let’s start a business together

We are well aware of the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting their own business, especially those with more disruptive potential. The regulatory environment in Brazil’s startup ecosystem is complex and sometimes troublesome, but nonetheless always crucial for new businesses to reach their financial stability. That is why SABZTech services are premised on the idea of cooperation and mutual support, as we acknowledge both startups’ limitations and unique possibilities.