Consulting: claims management, structuring and restructuring of insurance plans, drafting and revision of contractual instruments and designing of new insurance product’s wordings.

Planning: memos and legal opinions on norms and regulation, modeling of contractual and corporate structures, operations with financial agents and structuring of collective plans.

Litigation: defence in strategical civil and consumer law suits, defence in administrative procedures on SUSEP, legal opinions and notifications regarding claims management.



  • Favorable decision in leading case about insider trading and D&O insurance.
  • Defense of Insurance Companies in litigation about life insurance, automobile, D&O, elementary lines and private pension.
  • Enforcement procedure of marine cargo insurance.


  • Legal opinions on diverse claims management procedures regarding D&O, E&O, IMI, EPL and OCC insurance lines.
  • Legal opinion regarding the enforcement of surety bonds on a concession contract.
  • Restructuring of the warranties of a concession contract.
  • Legal opinion about the specific risks of an M&A operation.
  • Structuring of a startup insurance company.


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